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Genetic and Molecular Biology Research, is an international scholarly, peer reviewed journal in the field of genetics and Molecular Biology. Journal expresses its warm gratitude to especially the Editorial Board, and extending this gratitude to all the Authors, researchers, Editors and Students who have contributed their valuable researches in the form of full article, case reports to this journal.

The Journal mainly focusses to serve its readers. Journal was started in the year 2017 by Insight Medical Publishing Group, with the virtue to serve scientific community relentlessly with its open access platform for publishing the research outcome to reach the global scientific fraternity.

The journal has been publishing the most recent developments in the fields of genes, genetic variation and macromolecules as full length research articles, case studies, opinion Articles, image Articles, Short Communication, letter-to-the-Editor and Editorial.

The Journal scope encompasses structure & functional studies of bio molecular, Cell Biology, Microbial genetics, Biological Molecules, Molecular Immunology, Genetics, Genetic Disorders, Cellular Biology and Molecular Research. It also includes biochemical and molecular influence on genetic material. Genetics & Molecular Biology broadly covers the domains of life, plants, animals, micro-organism and human.  

Under the able stewardship of Giuseppe Lanza, Dr. Jes Paul as an Executive Editor, world renowned researchers, scientists, and academicians including Dr. Kishore B. Challagundla, University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA, Dr. Antonio Simone Laganà, University of Messina, Italy, Dr. Deepika Lakhwani, University of Angers, France, Dr. Daniela Copetti Santos, Instituto Federal Farroupilha, Brazil, Dr. Hongxing Liu, , Beijng Lu Daopei Hospital, China, Prof. Shuangping Liu, Jiangnan Univerisity, China, Dr. Sujay Paul (Scientist), Azul Natural Pvt. Ltd. Mexico, Prof.  Noureddine Hamamouch, University of Sultan Moulay Slimane, Morocco, Prof. Mahmoud Rezk Ali AbouLaila, University of Sadat, Egypt.

Journal has recently released an issue covering various genetic and molecular topics including from Comparative Genomics, Opioid Biosynthetic, Genetic Causes of Toe Walking in Children, Ubiquitin Ligase.

Apart from regular issue articles, Journal also invites for the proposal of Special Issue in which the articles are based on an evolving theme. Special Issue contribute towards advancing the scope of the journal and potentially boost usage and citations.

Journal feels pleasure to announce the submission towards best quality articles. Submission can be done through Online at Genetic and Molecular Biology Research or can be sent as an attachment to